Top Down Bottom Up Blinds and Shades

Increasing harmful effects of ultra violet rays are very evident in modern world. Though sunlight has its own positive effects, it is equally harmful when directly in contact with human skin for long. In fact, sun rays penetrating our homes through windows and doors also makes our home very warm or hot, especially in topical countries.

A novel way to prevent this happening is to use top down bottom up blinds. The window treatments are in the form curtains, shades, and blinds. Curtains have become really conventional and often used. Modern homes today face the need to have multiple leveled window protection that will control sunlight penetration, privacy, and level of insulation. The best invention for multi-level window protection is the top down bottom up blinds. These blinds work on two platforms – raise the blinds from the bottom to peer out or lower the blinds from the top to allow sunlight inside in the house.

Top down bottom up blinds give ample privacy while controlling the amount of light. By lowering the shades from the top, you allow natural light to come inside. Keeping the rooms darkened always is also not viable as it can create a gloomy atmosphere inside. So, allowing little sunlight during the day is useful and since the sunlight is filtered through window covering transcendent material, its effect upon room furniture and carpets etc is lessened.

One might wonder how the bottom up shades allows privacy. The window covering consists of two types of materials so when you raise the blinds from the bottom, people on the street cannot see inside the room. As a matter of fact, the bottom up shade is really beneficial for people whose homes are on the ground floor and they find public intrusion from outside people peeking into their homes annoying.

The top down bottom up window blinds are available in number of colors and designs. Every shades and blinds manufacturer stock up on multiple designs that will suit the sensibility and need of every home. The blinds are available in various sizes too as the length of windows vary with every home. Some windows are of smaller size, medium and full length size (usually seen in Victorian England and not replicated by various countries). In colors, white and ivory are the two favorite colors with consumers. Wooden shades (like weaved bamboo shades) and fabric shades (from cotton or linen) are the most popular frequently bought.

Ordering the top down bottom up blinds are most found in requisite size and therefore, seldom requires any moderation. When you place an order online, be sure to send the exact window size, width, length, and choose the exact color as seen on websites. Within days, the products are delivered. Don’t worry about installation as the delivery package comes with self DIY kit.

Where to install top down bottom up blinds?

The blinds or mini-blinds (for windows smaller than usual size) are installed in bathroom windows, kitchen windows, or in bedrooms mostly. Some people are also fond of installing window blinds on doors, albeit they are longer! Since the window blinds are not a permanent fixture, they can be taken down easily when you are renovating or changing homes.

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds Styles

Several variants of window blinds exist. Among them, there are 3 that are most frequently used:

  • Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades – Also known as honeycomb blinds, the texture of the shade is in the form of cells, which help in insulating your home and lower energy costs. People who are concerned about eco – friendly products prefer cellular shades for window covering. By natural insulation, automatically energy use decreases and leads to energy saving. /li>
  • Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Blinds – With children at home and taller windows, the cordless blinds are the preferred option. In this, chords are attached on either side to push and pull the shades for opening and closing. One chord raises the bottom shade portion and the other chord raises the top shade portion.
  • Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades – Roman shades are the ultimate combination of proper insulation, privacy, and sunlight control. These are stylish and have aesthetic appeal. Installed at window top, when the cords are pulled from the bottom of the shade, light comes and people can also see inside. To protect your privacy, the ‘top down’ feature is added and therefore, the roman shades have 2 sets of lift cords. One cord for lowering and the other for lifting the shade.
  • Top Down Bottom Up Wood Blinds – The wooden horizontal blinds lend a natural and comfy look to the room. The wood blinds can be in the form of ‘pleated’ or woven bamboo blinds. Various color polishes decorate these blinds and are suitable for homes having little denser or mysterious feel to it.

For both homes and offices, top down bottom up blinds are really convenient for protection from sun-rays, glares, and maintain proper indoor insulation. In fact, some office blinds are available in steel for protection from thieves. Installing top down bottom up shades is beneficial for their twin usability – privacy and sunlight protection. Without room darkening, working on computers becomes difficult especially due to the light reflection.

Top Down Bottom Up blinds are available at discounted rates too from retail stores. The shades are undeniably a beautiful addition to home protection – they are classy as well as functional. If you are good with handy skills, you can even make your own shades and blinds easily with a guide book.