Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

Cordless top down bottom up blinds provide an enormous amount of options and versatility. You can select from a number of styles and colors. You also have the important advantages of no cords. Here is additional information on this very popular kind of window treatment.

Most blinds and window shades are opened and closed from the lower section. However, the attractive blinds can be lowered and raised from the upper section, also. You have a great deal of versatility with lighting and privacy. You can enjoy your privacy and still have the benefits of letting sunlight into the home. You also can view the night sky in privacy if you wish.

Your new window shades will help to save money on energy. They provide additional insulation for windows. Also, you will not have to use indoor lighting as often.

When your window shades do not have cords, you have a cleaner look. It also makes for a simpler appearance. There are no cords to worry about, as they sometimes can present problems and hazards.

If you have pets, window shade cords can be a problem. This is especially true with cats and puppies. It does not take long for a playful animal to completely ruin your window treatments.

Window treatment cords can be a hazard to children. It is very easy for an inexperienced person to pull the cords excessively or become entangled in them. All of this trouble can be eliminated when there are no cords.

Window blind cords can easily become a problem. This is especially true when the window is open and the wind is blowing. Even a gentle breeze can cause cords to entangle and become a mess.

Many of these blinds are lighter in weight than corded models. This makes them easier to maintain and easier to install in your windows. This kind of window treatment combines safety, privacy, comfort, and ease of use, into one window shade design.

Many people use this kind of window shade, as there are so many selections in which to choose. For example, you may wish to have the beauty of Roman window shades. They give your room a look of elegance. They also come in many colors and styles to fit any decor.

Cellular shades are available as cordless top down bottom up blinds. They are manufactured in woven layers similar to a honeycomb. In fact, many retailers refer to this design as “honeycomb”. You can have excellent insulation and light filtering with this type of shade. They also are available in remote control models. This is perfect for larger or tall windows that are difficult to reach.

You have an enormous amount of options and advantages when you choose cordless top down bottom up blinds for your windows. The design makes it simple and easy to let natural light into your home. You can have the benefits of free lighting and still enjoy your privacy, as the lower section of the window remains covered. You also have the safety of no cords getting in the way.