Bottom Up Roman Blinds

When most people think of window coverings, they typically think of the standard, traditional Venetian blinds. Although these blinds are found in most places, it isn’t the only option for someone looking to decorate their home. It is important to be able to block out sunlight when it is not desired and to prevent individuals from seeing inside the window when this is not desired. Due to this, finding the perfect kind of blind is important. Blinds are able to reduce the kind of light you don’t want, yet still keep the room feeling comfortable. Instead of Venetian blinds, one possible alternative is known as a bottom up roman blind. This kind of a blind provides a different take on blinds and adds a specific feature that is not available on other options, which helps transform the window into a completely different look than what it was without a blind or with the Venetian blinds.

Roman blinds are generally made out of a single piece of cloth that folds on top of itself. When the cloth is constricted and pushed together (such as at the bottom or top of the window) it gives off the overall look of Venetian blinds, as the cloth folds on top of each other in several layers. However, the single piece of cloth doesn’t allow light in between the blinds so it provides a more secure option for blocking out the light.

A bottom up roman blind is a blind that actually starts at the bottom of the window and pulls upwards. Because of this, when the blind is pushed down completely it is at the base of the window and allows in light for the entire window. However, when the blind is pulled up it blocks off light on the bottom of the window. Generally, most standard blinds provide a different kind of light blocking feature, as the blinds come from the top and block off the top of the window instead of the bottom. There are some rather great features and benefits towards blocking off the bottom of the window while leaving the top exposed.

When individuals walk past your house on the sidewalk or drive past on the street, it is the bottom of the window that exposes the interior of the house. They topically can’t see through the top of the window as this is too high up. This way, if a home owner utilizes a bottom up roman blind they are able to block off the view from the exterior of the window while still allowing light in through the top of the window. This way, a bottom up roman blind provides sunlight, yet still provides privacy. All of this is fantastic for any location.

While watching television, often times sunlight coming from the bottom of the window glares across the glass of the screen. This makes it rather difficult to watch the television programming when there is a large light beam across the middle of the television screen. Due to this, being able to block out the sunlight where the sun is actually at is very important. With a bottom up roman blind this is all possible to do, all while still letting light come into the room and shine in.

Of course, when complete privacy is needed, or when no light is desired, the bottom up roman blind is able to pull up from the base of the window and block out the entire window and all the light that is coming in. This way, anyone who is inside the room is able to have as much or as little light as possible. And, because the cloth is one full piece of cloth and doesn’t have multiple cuts inside of it, there are no strange shadows or other oddities with the blinds that are common with other kinds of blinds.

The kind of fabric the blind consists of can also change, which allows the home owner and decorator a few more options to what the blind is going to look like. They can go with a traditional white or cream color of blind, which is going to provide a neutral look, but there are also specific designs for these kinds of blinds, to add a more specific and customized look. It really just depends on what the home owner and designer is looking for. The thickness of the blind is also going to vary on the amount of light that comes in through the window. The thicker the fabric the less light that comes through when the blind is completely closed. Darker fabrics also tend to block the light more than the lighter, white and cream colored fabrics.

Whatever the home owner or designer is looking for, bottom up roman blinds provide more options than any other blind.